Meet the Chef

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Jon Langley

Jon joined Dexter Brewhouse as Executive Chef and Director of Kitchen Operations after spending the past 8 years working for Heavy Restaurant Group where he was an executive chef in three of their restaurants.

Growing up as a child on Bainbridge Island ingrained an understanding of the importance of community, friendships, and neighborhood relationships - all very important when leading a restaurant. Throughout his high school years he washed dishes, worked as a prep cook, and worked at local produce stands all leading to him falling in love with the food and restaurant business. Jon attended culinary school where he expanded his knowledge and most importantly met his wife, Katie. After finishing school, Jon and Katie ran a kitchen together on the east side where she taught him how to run a line, butcher whole fish, and lead a team.

Jon’s philosophy on cooking and leading a kitchen…. good food doesn't have to be complicated and it should never be pretentious. A cook only needs to be organized, have a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. With an abundance of the highest quality products available in the northwest, cooking simple, clean food for the people in your community from your heart is incredibly rewarding. Keep it simple, use quality ingredients, and teach your team how to consistently achieve.

In his free time Jon soaks up every minute with his kids, Jack and Ellie. He also enjoys coaching Jack's soccer team.